Free Advertising at BeLucky where you can promote and market your business and products on our Website, Social Media, eMails, SMS and live shout outs for your websites on our Live draws and competitions.

Free Marketing on

Synergy Offer

We offer a very economical solution to help businesses get additional marketing, and we benefit by being able to offer a FREE competitions to our customers, or at a reduced cost. Everyone’s a winner!

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Guaranteed Insertion – FREE DRAW – How it works?

You will need to provide a promotion prize of £40 minimum retail value, and it must be NEW. As we play a FREE draw for your product, this will give the opportunity to market your product, and promote your brand.

There are no other fees or charges.

The benefits to your business are…

  • Up to 2 Months of free advertising at BeLucky
  • A Full product page with Sponsor images, sponsor products, sponsor info all provided by yourself (so as much or as little as you want)
  • Promotion on related emails and SMS
  • Mentioned on social media
  • Plugged verbally on Facebook live draw

The offer you place can be set for just one draw, or repeated weekly, monthly or sporadically as you see fit. This gives you full flexibility at low cost.

Requested insertion – PAID DRAW – How does it work?

As in Guaranteed Insertion, you will get the same benefits.

With this option, we will buy a product from you, at an agreed discounted price. The product will need to be sold to us at a price discounted to at least £75 lower than retail price. We will set a draw price and ticket allocation.

This product will be used in a paid draw, creating an opportunity to promote your business.

Again, there are no other fees or charges.

Please see our competitions here.

To set up your Sponsored Advertising, please email or Call 07568 346085